wet nightmare

hello i'm a 21 year old neopet that likes art and rockabilly


HOORAY i’m in a good mood because the insurance went through and i got money back for the drugs i needed so i could breathe. also my new boss is so wonderful and a genuinely good person and it makes me so happy!!! she always buys us food which i appreciate so much especially since i could only afford to eat 2 meals/day last month! now I AM AN APPRECIATION MACHINE!! ^_^ i am really glad for of all the poop things in my life up till now because without them i would be an ungrateful and unwise person! woohoo! anyways i hope you’re all having a good day bye!


♡ living in toronto

♡ poledance superstar

♡ strong as ten sirens

♡ artiste

♡ hairless cats as far as the eye can see

♡ enslavement of all males